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Leave ALL signs alone. Don’t trespass. Don’t steal.

A few days ago, some Democrat signs in Tahitian Village were apparently destroyed by someone driving through the neighborhood. This prompted a post on the Republican Party’s Facebook page condemning the action and forcefully stating that when the perpetrators are found, they’ll be turned over to the authorities. Because the signs were on Democrat properties, the Bastrop County Young Republicans went so far as to blame the Alt-Right for this wrong-doing.

It’s interesting to me that these two Republican organizations have been silent in the face of trespass and sign theft of Republican signs. Not a peep out of either organization as Cruz signs have been stolen from private property in more than a few cases. Perhaps they didn’t know, you say. Well, maybe, but that’s really hard to believe in the face of property owner reactions, some like the one at left.

It is inappropriate to point fingers at anyone, call out any group without proof, laser focus on only one instance of this type of behavior when it’s happening across the county to all sides.

No one should trespass on private property to remove or destroy anything, including political signs.  It doesn’t matter what candidate from what party a person is supporting, they have a right to display signs supporting that individual or party.  TXDOT regulations require signs to be on private property so anyone taking or damaging a sign is violating trespass and destruction of personal property laws.

Practice What You Preach

Are you aware that the Bastrop County Young Republicans (BCYR) Facebook page has blocked any person or group that posts something with which BCYR President Jarrett Namken disagrees?

There is no such thing as “open discussion, substantive debate” on the Young Republican’s Facebook page.

That’s what makes his May 29 post below so stunning, so disingenuous. Namken does not practice what he preaches.  There is no such thing as “open discussion, substantive debate” on the BCYR Facebook page. Be aware of that if you read its content.BCYR Facebook Post

I’ve been blocked.  Those who questioned why I was blocked have themselves been blocked.  The president of the Bastrop County Tea Party has been blocked.  Various Republican candidates and elected precinct chairs have been blocked. The list goes on and on.

Namken claims blocking all these Republican leaders was necessary to bring civility to the discussion.  These two uncivil posts got Russ Tepper blocked.

And, what about this comment isn’t civil?  It got Simone blocked.

Beware!!  Blocking opponents on Facebook is not the practice of Republicans. But silencing those who disagree is standard operating procedure for tyrannical dictators.

What a shame that any person or group has so little confidence in their own ideas that they feel it necessary to control page content so their readers hear only one side of every story.  Beware, for blocking opponents on Facebook is not the practice of Republicans. But silencing those who disagree is standard operating procedure for tyrannical dictators.

Disgusting Negative Campaigning

(Reposted from the webpage published in February 2018)
My campaign has been focused on helping you get to know me: my 30+ year Republican resumé, my dedication to Texas Conservative values. My campaign has not mentioned nor attacked my opponent or any other candidate.

Sadly, that’s not true of others in these races. They’ve posted libelous and false commentary about me over the past month or so, having previously blocked me on Facebook so I couldn’t respond to their false attacks. I chose not to get in the gutter with them. I chose not respond, and it seemed the libelous lies had stopped.

But then yesterday (Feb 21), former chair Albert Ellison sent out an email to more than 500 people and posted that same baloney on his website (you know the one… he tries to make it look like it’s official Republican news, but it’s just his personal platform).

Ellison is a master manipulator. He repeatedly makes accusations that are not true. He editorializes and opines as if those accusations are fact, and then draws conclusions he hopes you’ll believe.  That’s manipulation.

In his latest attack, Ellison flat out lies. I know that’s harsh, but I’m not one to sugar coat things. He and his possé repeatedly say I resigned as the Party’s webmaster and then refused to turn over the Party’s website to the Public Relations Committee. They’ve called me a hijacker, an anarchist, a carpetbagger, told me to get out of Bastrop County and worse.  It’s all in writing.  This from people who have never actually talked to me. Ever.

Here are the facts:

  • My offer of writing a website was made to the Chair. Had Mr. Ellison been chair in 2016, I would have made the same offer to him because the Party did not have a functional and technologically current website and I am a web professional.
  • The Chair accepted my volunteer offer. There was no contract. I was not appointed. I did not resign.
  • I am still writing the website for the Chair.
  • Texas law says that the Party Chair is the Party spokesperson.
  • In an email to Dianna Greenwood, now a candidate for Republican Chair, dated April 27, 2017, the chair of the Texas Republican County Chair Association (TRCCA), wrote:


    I understand you have denied Jeanne admin access to the Bastrop County Republican Party Facebook page. Please understand that the elected County Chairman by law is the spokesperson for the County Party through any medium. This is not your decision to make based on if you can trust her or not. Please add her as an admin and suggest to your associates that posting negative comments about the Party or leadership is counterproductive to trying to revitalize the BCRP.

    1. The TRCCA chair’s email clearly indicates that communication via “any medium” is the role of the chair, under Texas law.
    2. Dianna Greenwood has never complied. She has never given the Chair access to the Party’s Facebook page.
    3. Mr. Ellison’s precinct chair protégés have never demanded compliance from Dianna Greenwood.
    4. Although he served as chair and practices law, Mr. Ellison’s precinct chair protégés think they can vote to override state law.
    5. Although he allegedly practices law, Mr. Ellison apparently knows nothing about copyright law. Federal copyright law cannot be overridden by a vote of Mr. Ellison’s precinct chair protégés.
  • This same group demanded I turn over domain names to them. They are not in my possession. Domain names are in the possession of the chair as they  should be under Texas law.
  • The website is not in my possession. The website is in the possession of the chair as it should be under Texas law.

If you have any questions, call me. My phone number is listed. I’d be happy to discuss these issues with you before you vote.